Why logo is important to your business?

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The logo is an extremely important element of the brand’s visual communication. Companies that start their business with a carelessly invented and made logo, or worse without its existence, make a serious mistake. This small, seemingly inconspicuous mark can effectively increase brand recognition and thus affect its effectiveness. Combined with good opinions about the company, recommendations and high quality of services rendered, we get a great recipe for business success.


Logo is the face of your business

There is a reason why the logo is called a business face. It is what appears in customers minds when they think about a given brand. Any doubts? If they appear, it’s worth mentioning e.g. Nike and the logo in the form of the famous skate or a bitten Apple’s apple. That is why it is so important for each brand to have its own graphic symbol, which has been carefully selected and made. People are visual creatures and show very high sensitivity to the images they see in their everyday lives. At first glance, a graphic sign of a company seems to be of little importance, but it gets to our subconscious mind by communicating much more than words. Owners and managers of many brands know this and have allocated extraordinary budgets for the logo of their companies.


Logo as a carrier of information about the brand

The logo should be made once and for all. Over time, we will not rather change it or refresh it to make it look more modern, in line with new trends. The mark will be reproduced in many places and on many materials – website, leaflets, business cards, advertising in the media, on accessories, and even inside and outside of the buildings. It must not only please the eye, arouse interest, or positively associate with the brand it identifies. It should primarily contain information. The way the logo is designed, the choice of colors, details, whether it is dynamic or static, simple in form or more creative – all these elements carry a message, e.g. to whom the brand’s offer is directed and what values ​​it transfers (e.g. italic letters in the DHL sign symbolize the speed of delivered parcels). However, it should be remembered that the logo should not have too complicated form, because it becomes hardly legible (especially when it occurs in reduced in size). Contrary to appearances, creating a clear, simple and at the same time attractive graphic sign is not easy, although sometimes it may seem that its preparation cost the graphic a few minutes. It is worth knowing that a good logo project requires cooperation of many people, many hours of work and a whole lot of versions that have landed in the bin.


The logo is part of a coherent visual communication

It is also important for the logo to be graphically consistent with other elements focused around the brand’s visual communication, such as the website, brochures, graphics on social media, etc. Why is it so important? Coherence of identification plays a key role in building brand awareness. Simply put – when a customer collides with a brand, he will have the impression of consistency. Otherwise he will get lost and although he will not be able to identify it – there is a chance that he will give up the services of the brand, which arouses visual chaos in it. Coherence of the message gives bigger chance that clients will remember the company (and thus return to it after some time). Every person responsible for a brand hopes it will be associated well and a good logo and visual communication consistent with it will definitely help.


Logo vs. logotype

It is worth adding that although the terms “logo” and “logotype” are often used interchangeably, their meanings are not the same. The logo is only a graphic symbol, while the logotype is an inscription (most often written with some characteristic font). Very often, the logo and logotype are used as the main graphic symbol of a given brand.


Logo is (not) everything

However, it should be remembered that it is not only the logo that is fully responsible for the success (or lack thereof) of a given company. Customers evaluate the brand not only through the prism of its main graphic symbol but above all the quality of products and services offered. The logo is key, but remember that the company and its people involved in creating it are equally important. They are responsible for building relationships and trust through which satisfied customers return to the company.

To sum up, the logo is an inseparable element responsible for the company’s success. Its attractive form, readability and recognition have a positive impact on brand perception. That is why it is so important to choose and design it carefully. Often a logo seems very simple, but strength lies in simplicity. Therefore, designing the logo should be entrusted to professionals who, based on the brand brief, will prepare a graphic symbol that will form the basis of the brand’s marketing activities.