What is text creation?

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You hear the slogan “text creation” and what do you see? An inspired writer who is typing new characters on the keyboard? In practice, it looks completely different. Creating functional content, for example for websites, is a process that requires not only inspiration, but above all expertise.

What is creating content for the internet?

Content creation, i.e. webwriting, is the development of utility texts for websites and blogs. Their goal is most often:

  • website positioning (i.e. ensuring its high position in search results),
  • building the image of an expert,
  • customer acquisition,
  • arouse their trust,
  • providing them with valuable information.

This alone suggests that creating such content requires a lot of work. It’s not enough just to write down what comes to mind. It’s all about strategic, thoughtful action.

Why is it so important?

Let’s assume that you are looking for a company that will create a website for you. You probably enter the phrase “website design” into the search engine. Most likely, like most users, you will limit yourself to reviewing the results from the first page, i.e. the best positioned ones. Do you visit more sites and what is happening? You stay longer on some of them. You get out of others in seconds.

Why is this happening?

You intuitively want to stay where you feel welcome. Such an impression will certainly be caused by a transparent page that loads quickly. You also pay attention to the content on it. If they are friendly, natural, simple and error-free – you are more likely to take advantage of the offer of such a company.

However, if you come across a wall of text full of professional jargon and an excess of key phrases, you get tired. Then you prefer to look for someone who does not require that much effort from you.

What do you need to know about content for your website to be effective?

  • Your website content must be compelling for your customers. Only then will it help you acquire them.
  • Texts should first make a good impression on people, and only then on search engine robots. In other words, utility and value first, then positioning. Never the other way around!
  • Well-optimized content effectively supports website positioning. Content created with customers in mind and providing them with value works much better in terms of SEO than content written just to include as many keywords as possible.
  • Your website content should inspire trust, inform, build your image as an expert, and clearly identify your brand’s differentiators.

What is the process of creating effective content?

There is often talk of ‘writing texts’, but in practice, writing is just one of the many things you need to do. Certain stages of this process may differ depending on the workshop of a given copywriter. However, we can distinguish 6 mandatory elements:

  1. Brief – establishing details, defining the purpose of the text and collecting materials from the client.
  2. Research – market recognition and competition analysis.
  3. Developing a keyword list and content plan.
  4. Writing the text, i.e. developing a draft.
  5. Careful editing and proofreading, polishing the content and formatting.
  6. Working with the client submitting comments to the text, introducing corrections and preparing the content to be placed on the website.

Each of the above-mentioned steps is important and necessary. This is why it takes a while to create content. After all, its goal is to develop texts that will attract customers to you and encourage them to use your services.

Do you want effective content on your website? There is only one advice: participate in the process of their creation. Develop a detailed brief, provide valuable materials, and be ready to answer copywriter’s questions as you create content. Your tips and comments are extremely valuable in this process!

What else do you want to know about content creation?

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