A modern website is the foundation of running a business. Thanks to it your customers know what you do and depending on the type of business, they can use your services or buy desired products. For a website or application to work well, it must be created in accordance with the latest trends. We offer services related to creating websites and stores from scratch, providing a CRM system, creating a mobile application, WebGuard, Simple Admin or creating a modular website - all in accordance with the principles of good UX/UI. See the details of our offer!

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Well-written application or website code is half the battle. Even the best IT product can waste its potential through a poorly designed user interface and non-intuitive mechanics of operation. Work should begin with examining user needs and then responding to them with an optimized system. The next step is the design of all graphic elements of the screen as seen by the user. In the age of myriads of IT tools available, the emphasis on perfect design of both the User Experience and interface is more likely to grant you popularity and help you break through on the market. We provide services in the field of research and prototyping of IT products, design and programming. We provide partial or comprehensive solutions.


Online stores

We build sales platforms based on proven and effective e-commerce solutions. An online store is your 24-hour employee who not only has to be always ready for action, but above all be highly effective. You only have a few seconds to convince a customer to your offer. If you don't use it, a customer will leave your store and never come back. Our solutions are based on many years of experience and observation of the functioning of stores created by us many years ago, which grow in power and break sales records every year.


Mobile apps

Mobility and availability of services are some of the most important criteria in building relationships with the recipients. Applications definitely help increase the availability and versatility of your offer. We create dedicated applications for Android and iOS platforms, as well as native technology solutions.



This is our authorial, simplified content management system for websites. Thanks to it, even persons who are not programmers can easily operate their own websites. It's a perfect solution when you don't have an extensive development base!


Web pages and web sites

A company's web page is usually the customer's first contact with the brand. Our first feelings about the entire company depend on its effectiveness, readability and speed. Unfortunately, despite the great development of programming opportunities and increasingly interesting trends in webdesign, many web pages are still created in a non-professional and careless way. Entrust the creation of one of the most important sales tools in your company to professionals with many years of experience in designing effective web tools, as evidenced by real-life web sites.



Customer Relationship Management is a system designed to manage customer relationships on many levels of the company's operation. Each company is different, so also CRM needs may vary significantly depending on the industry or its internal structure. We create both simple and complex systems. We thoroughly analyze the processes in your company and select solutions that really improve their functioning.



Non-functional or infected website is your company's worst advertisement. Unfortunately, customers investing in websites often forget that, just like cars, websites and servers need technical inspections so that they do not lose reliability. WebGuard is our dedicated support program for operating and managing websites so that they are always fast, efficient and 100% functional. We take care of everything that you don't have time for or don't know how to do. We care about the great condition of your online tools.


Modular websites

We will build your website using authorial modules, operating on the principle of blocks that can be copied. You can use any number of them on each of selected subpages and for example, create a new photo gallery with just two clicks and dragging photos from your drive. It is a great solution for people who want to quickly create new content on subpages, but are afraid of complicated content management systems.

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