Visual identification – how to increase the recognition of your brand?

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Nowadays building the company image has become a key element aimed at achieving success in business. The way to reach the brand’s audience is not only about a good idea, its implementation and the provision of high-quality services with polite and helpful service, especially if you operate in a highly competitive industry. If you want your company to take a good position on the market, which will bring profits in the future, it is worth appearing in the customer’s mind and evoking positive associations. The names of products, their descriptions and visual elements are equally important. All the above-mentioned elements are part of a coherent visual identification, which consists in consciously creating the company’s image.

Coherent visual identification – what is it?

Visual identification is nothing more than a juxtaposition of various types of symbols used by the company to build its positive image and recognition on the market. Such activities cause that potential clients begin to trust the brand and willingly reach for offered products or services. Proper development of the design of the visual identification system is of particular importance at the very beginning of the business, when the first contact with the recipient occurs. Therefore, you should ensure a positive impression that will evoke the desired feelings and emotions in customers, well associated with your brand.

Reaching the recipient through visual identification

From Milton H. Erickson’s research on working with the client, it can be concluded that the basis for building a comfortable contact at the unconscious level is adapting to the recipient. It is mainly about referring to body language, speaking at the same speed as the recipient and awareness of representational systems. Communication with the visual person, the listener and the kinesthetist will look different. As the vast majority of people are visual learners who remember images and visual messages best, it is worth taking advantage of this fact when building your position and image on the market. Thanks to a well-thought-out and well-developed visual identification, your company has a chance to stand out from the competition, which will also result in increasing its sales profits.

What elements make up a coherent visual identity?

Visual identification is also a kind of marketing message, whose task is to evoke specific associations and convey the values ​​that your company is guided by. It speaks mainly through images, at the same time building brand awareness and an image about it in the subconscious of recipients. The most important elements that are part of the visual identification include the company’s logo, colors, typography (typeface and size of fonts), graphic design of the products, as well as the appearance of the website and social media, dress code of employees and office decor. Remember that a consistent and well-prepared appearance of individual elements of visual identity testifies to the professionalism of the company, while emphasizing its strengths and individual features that positively affect the company’s reputation among competitors.

What benefits for your company a properly prepared visual identification can bring?

A well-designed visual system saves both time and money. Having certain rules of using the brand logo and image, you are able to prepare the necessary promotional materials in your company much faster. Well prepared visual identification also allows you to effectively increase the level of recognition among recipients, and thus gain a competitive advantage over others. It is worth remembering that promotional campaigns tailored to the needs of recipients, logos tailored to the customers’ tastes, well-chosen graphic design and consistent communication with the recipient will ensure your company high recognition and an established position on the market.