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The unprecedented situation caused by the coronavirus has left its mark on the economy. Entrepreneurs who so far relied on traditional trade and services in their activities suffered particularly hard. However, the crisis caused by the pandemic may also become an opportunity for the development and use of new distribution channels. Below you will find out why it is worth moving your business to the Internet now and what to pay attention to during this process.

Trading during a pandemic – go on the offensive!

The e-commerce market, i.e. online sales, has been developing very dynamically for a long time. However, it is precisely in the face of the COVID-19 threat that online shopping has become the safest and most effective alternative to other methods used by traders. It turned out that almost any form of business activity can be transferred to the Internet. No need to leave your home, efficient courier companies and well-developed softwares are a combination that offers many possibilities.

Basically, we can observe a twofold approach by entrepreneurs to the challenges of the coronavirus threat. Some of them opted for a defensive tactic, i.e. waiting out the crisis. However, such a solution requires adequate resources of funds and the possibility of quick restructuring in terms of operating costs. In the case of the vast majority of companies, the only way out of the situation is an offensive strategy, i.e. transferring the business to the Internet.

It is also worth emphasizing that the second strategy is, in a way, to accelerate the transformation that is inevitable in the long term. The trend of using the web as the main purchasing platform is very strong, and the current situation strengthens it. As a matter of fact, a business that does not take into account the e-commerce market in its assumptions has little chance in the face of “computerized” competition.

The e-commerce market, i.e. your new distribution channel

The dominant voices are that it is thanks to the Internet that the most efficient businessmen will come out of the pandemic unscathed, and after the recession is over, their companies will start to develop even more intensively. A good example is the story of the Asian e-commerce giant Alibaba (owner of the Ali Express website, among others). The foundations of this concern’s power were laid … during the SARS epidemic in 2003, when the Chinese drastically changed their shopping habits, shifting their attention mainly to online distribution channels.

Most importantly, you do not have to worry that your company’s debut on the e-commerce market will be associated with costly investments in technologies and the need to use innovations that require specialist knowledge. You really only need a few commonly available tools, such as:

  • website – is an internet showcase of your brand. It allows potential customers to get acquainted with what you have to offer;
  • online store – depending on the sales volume, you can consider your own sales platform (one-time, larger expense) or use ready-made solutions from reputable websites (a large group of potential customers, but also a commission for each transaction);
  • profiles in social media – the basic channel of free and paid advertising on the Internet, as well as the most effective way to build long-term relationships with customers;
  • tools for remote work – employee communicators and communicators for contact with clients, programs for remote device operation and document management.

Move your business to the Internet with Polbrand Media

Regardless of the profile of your business, you can count on our full support if you want to make a debut on the e-commerce market with your business. We will help you create a website, sales platform and a comprehensive brand image. We will analyze the structure of your company as well as the needs of the target group during the pandemic and together we will come out of it unscathed!