The process of creating a website – see how to create a professional website!

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Do you run your own business and plan to expand your online activities? Do you want to refresh the company’s website? Whatever your goal is, you need a professional website. It will ensure you build a strong image and increase the company’s efficiency. However, for this to happen, it must be properly designed. See how the process of creating a website in our company looks like step by step and see for yourself that it is worth using the help!

What is a website and why do you need it?

The website is the showcase of your company. It gives you credibility, helps you gain or retain existing customers, and as e-commerce it brings profits. Depending on the destination, however, it must be tailored to your needs. There are no universal solutions for every industry.

Web pages are designed for different purposes. Sometimes they are informational pages presenting an offer. They are also used as a advanced sales platforms that enable the exchange of goods or services in the B2C and B2B sectors. Depending on the type of purpose the website is to fulfill, appropriate functionalities are selected for it. The graphic design, amount and appearance of the content and multimedia objects are adjusted.

The audience is extremely important when designing a website. It is for them that the website is mainly created. So if you care about the professional image of your company, take care of consistent visual identification and brand communication – put on a website that matches your industry and the way of functioning that meets the expectations of potential customers.

6 steps in designing a website

The process of designing a website does not only consist of programming work. Before we can start creating a site physically, we need to know your industry as much as possible. Your help is essential at this stage. Where do we start?

Step 1: Interview and analysis of customer activity data

If you run a business, you are an expert in your industry. Nobody knows their own enterprise better than the one who created it from the inside out. So we need detailed information from you on this:

What do you do and what sector do you operate in?

What’s your business strategy?

What is the purpose of your new website?

Are you selling online or are you going to start selling soon?

Who are your customers (your target group)?

We conduct an analysis based on the answers. We also look at your current website and the web tools used. We will also focus on any custom tools you use or need. For example, on what the reservation system looks like, an easy-to-use product creator and other elements important from the perspective of operating and using the website. Based on the collected data, we choose the content management system that best suits your needs, i.e. CMS.

Step 2: Develop a website building strategy

Equipped with relevant information, we start creating the visualization of the website. Thanks to a functional mock-up, along with the content of the website, you will check how it will work and look. After you “click through” it yourself, you can report any changes to us or accept the project.

Step 3: Working on visual content

We do not take this stage into account when creating every type of website. Depending on your needs, we start working on visual content, i.e. detailed page content. We can conduct photo sessions of the offered products or show the interior of your office, make a short video presenting the company or other material in accordance with your order. Then, we will place the created content on a new page.

Step 4: Designing the User Interface (UI)

We know how important it is to adapt your website to the requirements of modern users. Therefore, designing the user interface is about creating a thoughtful information architecture and desired functions. They will facilitate the use of the website, so that it is friendly and intuitive for the recipient, who will know how to navigate without prompts. We always design the user interface for desktop and mobile devices.

Step 5: Development work

When you accept the presented project, we go to the stage of proper programming work. Using the appropriate programming language, we create individual page elements and the expected functionalities. Finally, we integrate with the CMS system to make it easier for you to use the website without the need for a programmer.

Step 6: Content creation and publication of the website

Your website is almost ready. Before publishing it, however, you should include relevant SEO-compliant content to help you grow your business. Remember that a well-created business description, category and individual product descriptions will help customers get to know your company, find the right articles, and Google robots to place your website high in the search results ranking. All this will translate directly into your sales growth and overall success!

When will the website be ready?

Depending on the complexity of your order, the delivery time may vary. Within a month, we create small business card pages and other pages with an uncomplicated structure. In the case of more extensive websites, work on them takes up to about two months.

Not sure which side to choose? Contact us. We will help you choose the optimal solution. Bet on the development of your business with a modern website!