E-services during the coronavirus – see how the situation of online stores has changed!

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The coronavirus pandemic has hit almost every segment of the national and international economy. Many companies were closed due to sanitary restrictions. However, a significant proportion of businesses have moved online. It happened especially in the case of companies which, unable to receive clients in a stationary manner, found their space to operate online. How did the entrepreneurs do and will e-commerce dominate the shopping market?

Impact of the pandemic on the e-commerce industry

As reported by the editors of the warehouse-ecommerce.pl portal, the Polish e-commerce market is growing by over 18% annually and is developing very dynamically compared to Europe. However, as a result of the current situation, it may turn out that this percentage will be at least twice as high at the end of 2020. This is because there are three trends across the entire e-commerce industry. There has been a sharp increase in online sales, the transfer of stationary stores to the Internet, as well as a large change in the attitude of customers who were initially forced to shop online, but now, even after the opening of stationary stores, they are more likely to buy products without leaving their homes than before the pandemic.

Who has lost and who has not during the Coronavirus crisis?

During the social isolation caused by the coronavirus, the greatest profits from online sales (Shoper, Trade vs Coronavirus report: How sales moved online) were recorded by the food industry, offering basic products. Right behind it is the pharmaceutical sector – online pharmacies and drugstores, also offering items necessary for everyday operation. Then, high revenues were recorded by electronics, multimedia, books and accessories stores. The explanation for this phenomenon is that during a crisis we need adequate entertainment and we look for ways to spend our free time. So we often reach for articles that we have not used so often before.

Unfortunately, not all industries are doing so well in the pandemic crisis. During the tightening of the sanitary regime, shops selling clothes and toys enjoyed a little less interest. Most often, they tried to attract customers by offering various promotions and free delivery. Some of them managed to prevent the suspension of their activities, but to a large extent these enterprises acted in order to maintain the business and not to increase their profits.

Among the companies operating on the Internet that were not able to recover from the pandemic unscathed, there is the tourism industry that has suffered huge losses due to the lack of orders. Similarly, in the case of accommodation services (hotels, guesthouses, private accommodation), catering services, which cannot be provided on the same scale as in stationary. And also among all kinds of sports facilities – swimming pools, gyms, fitness clubs, which were also visited by customers obtained through online channels.

New online stores

It is difficult to talk about the positive effects of the pandemic, but it is definitely an increase in the number of e-commerce stores. Fortunately, a significant number of entrepreneurs managed to find themselves in this undoubtedly difficult situation. For them, bringing their activities online was “to be or not to be”. Thanks to taking appropriate steps, today they are prepared for the possible further unfavorable development of events related to the coronavirus.

It has become a huge change that it doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running. Today, almost anyone can find their way to the Internet. People have changed their habits. They work and learn remotely, talk to their families and friends online, instead of going to the store, they order goods for home delivery. For this reason, services that can be realized remotely are very much appreciated on the Internet among others already available.

How to move your business to the online world?

Although the matter seems quite complicated, it is possible to launch an online store really quickly. In today’s situation, many agencies and software houses offer the implementation of a sales platform. Thanks to this solution, you can create an extensive e-commerce that will meet all the needs of customers and business owners.

The same happens in the case of other companies that do not deal with sales. Even some companies that originally did not have websites decided to create their own online space during the pandemic. A good example are, for example, sports clubs that run classes such as fitness or yoga. Thanks to a modern platform, they can organize online classes that their clients can use at home. In the Internet sphere, there will also be companies providing, among others, counseling services, e.g. psychologists or nutritionists. Thanks to a modern website and available communication tools, they are able to provide their services online. Are you wondering if your industry will find its place in the Internet environment? Contact us and together we will find the best solution for you!

New customers behavior and the future of e-commerce and e-services

As we mentioned, as a result of the pandemic, customer behavior has been forcibly changed. Due to the difficult access to many products and services, consumers of all age groups have started to be present on the Internet. The change seems revolutionary, especially in the case of older people, who until now accounted for a small part of all online customers. In their case, delivery to the door is of particular importance, as it eliminates the need to leave the house and carry around shopping. How will such social changes affect the future functioning of the e-commerce industry?

Certainly, the entire sector faces a great challenge, which is meeting the dynamically changing expectations of users. Undoubtedly, after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, some consumers will return to their old habits, and one significant group will continue to use e-commerce or e-services. In the era of rapidly developing new technologies, it is very important to keep up with the trends and improve your online store. It is very important from the perspective of the entrepreneur and the customer. If the owner does not take care of a properly configured store or website in accordance with the principles of User Experience – for example easy and intuitive navigation, valuable content, flexible payments or fast shipments, customers will be disappointed and in the end they will definitely choose the competition that follows the times.

Remember that any crisis, even forced isolation and reduction of business turnover, is an opportunity for development. So when the pandemic ends, you can emerge stronger and richer with the appropriate knowledge and solutions. Bet on the development of your e-business and enjoy the satisfying results!