Convenient company calendar – which one to choose?

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Are you looking for the right company calendar? Regardless of the format you are interested in, remember that it is one of the important brand image tools. A book, wall or desk calendar will be visible to customers visiting your office, business partners and colleagues. That is why it is worth taking care of not only the form that is comfortable to use – pay attention also to the modern design.


Nowadays, more and more activities are transferred to the virtual world, and many people choose online solutions instead of a traditional calendar. However, printed calendars are still very popular and have a wide group of supporters. What arguments speak for choosing a paper calendar?

First: functionality. A printed calendar is much more than a date checker. You can mark important events in it, note down ideas, sketch, paste photos, attach sheets of notes. Thanks to this, you gain personal space for everything important.

The offer of printed calendars is so wide that each user can easily choose the most suitable format. In the case of book calendars, there are many sizes – from pocket ones, through practical B5s that are convenient to hide in a business purse, to a solid A4, which can hold large notes. You can also decide on the thickness of the cover, its color, texture, and even the shade of the threads used for sewing.

An important advantage of printed calendars is their handiness, which facilitates everyday work. The spiral calendar allows you to quickly change pages, which is useful when taking notes during business meetings or conferences. Thanks to its practical form, this calendar can be used in situations when you do not have a desk at your disposal.

Both book and spiral calendars are used to record everyday matters – business and private. You can conveniently store the calendar in a desk drawer or take it with you to a meeting so that important information is always at hand.


It is difficult to imagine an office space without a large calendar that will be clearly visible from behind the desk. When making telephone arrangements, you can quickly check appointments by glancing at the three-fold calendar hung on the wall. A large font and an optimal 3-month layout allow you to plan work one month in advance and check the progress of tasks from the previous month.

The strip calendar is also noteworthy, as it clearly presents all months on one page. It is a useful solution in companies implementing long-term projects and a good idea for a corporate gadget, distributed to business partners.

Do you like to note down ideas on a regular basis? The planner will be the optimal choice for you. This is a desk top with pages torn off on a weekly basis. Thanks to this, you can start every Monday at work with a “blank sheet”, freely planning tasks to be carried out for each day.


The era in which customers had to choose from ready-made calendars available on store shelves is long gone. Today, anyone can order a personalized calendar, that is, created in accordance with the guidelines, on an individual order.

This means that you decide what graphics will be on your wall calendar. Motivating motto? A beautiful landscape? Or maybe photos of employee teams? Your imagination is the only limit. However, remember that a triple or strip calendar will be visible to a wide range of people. It is worth designing it so that it reflects the values ​​important to your company and complies with the Visual Identification System of your brand.

You don’t like patterns? Choose a unique shape. Both the main card and the individual pages of the threefold calendar can be printed using a die. Thanks to this, you will get an original, unique effect that fits in with the company’s key visual.

You can also personalize the book calendar you use every day. A laser-made engraving on the elegant cover (e.g. name and surname, company logo or an important sentence) will emphasize your professionalism.

You can choose from many types of refinements, such as: thermal printing, i.e. hot-stamping, gilding, matte foil and selective UV or 3D varnish. Each of these solutions looks very effective, giving the calendar a prestigious, modern look.


Reliability, personalization and ease of use make paper calendars an inseparable element supporting efficient functioning in business. Make sure that each of your calendars is perfectly designed and printed.

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