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Who we are

An agency with over 15 years of experience. We support customers in all areas of advertising by creating offers tailored to their needs.

We listen

Listening both to what the customer is saying and to what is hidden between the lines contributes to the fact that the implemented projects give more than we expected together at the beginning.

We explain

We show the customer how it works, how much time it takes, we show what are the possibilities. This means that the customer learns more about his development after working with us.

We work

After meeting the customer, we always start with building a concept - the so-called BIG IDEA and the main message that we want to show and communicate through image elements.

We implement

The ideas developed in the creative team are implemented in the shortest possible time. Guaranteeing that you can use them as soon as possible and achieve your business goals.


Our many years of experience in advertising services for various market segments have enabled us to gain specialist industry knowledge, which in turn allows us to intuitively navigate in creations prepared for our customers. Knowledge of the secrets of your business guarantees faster start and obtaining better results in less time.


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Our values


it creates invaluable relationships.

Using progress

it increases effectiveness.

Precise functioning

of all that starts with what is before "A" to
what happens after "Z".


granting peace of mind.

Keeping one's word

because it is really important
for mutual trust.

Telling how it works

why, at what time and in what order.

Our idea

Graphics in advertising are not just flat, visually attractive images. It is supposed to reflect values and goals, to tell a story and build a full image of the brand associated with its identity. That is why, when presenting a project to a customer – we always describe how it was created, where we drew inspiration in creating, what we wanted to convey and not just show.

Our team

Polbrand Media Team
Polbrand Media Team



Polbrand Media Team
Polbrand Media Team

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Polbrand Media Team
Polbrand Media Team

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Polbrand Media Team
Polbrand Media Team

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Polbrand Media Team
Polbrand Media Team

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